On March 2017, Healing Venezuela sent a shipment of medical supplies to Venezuela. Items donated by

We ended the year as Venezuelans do: having fun and being generous! Many thanks to Jose Ramon Betancourt Fierro, one of our star volunteers and an amazing Zumba instructor who celebrated his birthday and had a Fitness Fun Machine Christmas party. He raised £257,63! Well done, Jose Ramon!

Also, a great big thank you to the dynamic duo of @Pitiguey Arepas, Sheila Torella and Stefano Pasquier, who raised £74 just by putting our money box near the cash register in the fabulous Arepa Truck!  


Venezuelans know how to throw a party, especially if they have Brits as partners in crime. One of our volunteers, Criscel Prado, organised an amazing Halloween Party. Special thanks to the lovely Barry and Dani Fowkes, James Boswell, Rhiannon Foster-Davis, Sara Bainbridge, Three Little Bird Bakers, Caffe Venetto, Pizza Calzone Ristorante, Kim Appleton, Sam King, Bob Sharples, Imogen Lesley and Connie Raitt and the coolest band in Oxfordshire: The Meanies! Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts!


One of our volunteers got 12 boxes of medical supplies, all donated by different institutions in the UK! Thank you, Andrew!


Another shipment arrived safely to Venezuela. This time, we purchased more than £6,000 of medical equipment for the Ortopedico Infantil and send it to Caracas. 


Thank you letter from the JM de los Rios, a children’s hospital in Caracas for 120 kg of medical supplies donated by Healing Venezuela


Recently, a shipment of medical supplies donated by surgeries in the UK arrived at the Algodonal, a medical institution in Caracas with a long tradition of excellence in the lung diseases. We are including UK newspapers in the boxes and we ask the recipients of the donations to take pictures with a local newspaper. 


In association with the Art of Living, an international NGO with a presence in Venezuela, we are delivering a successful stress management programme in several hospitals in the country. Attendees have reported an improved sense of overall well-being and reduction in stress-related conditions.



We continue to receive donations from hospitals and surgeries in the UK.  Last week we shipped to Venezuela an ultrasound equipment, an air purification unit, a fridge for medicines and 3 trolleys.



On September 13th, Healing Venezuela had the privilege of being the Charity of Choice for the prestigious Emerging Leaders Award.  A group of volunteers enjoyed a lovely evening and Healing Venezuela had the chance to network and spread the word about our work. We also received an important donation that will help us to continue helping Venezuela. ·



A MASSIVE THANK YOU to GlaxoSmithKline for their generous donation of £25,000! We have no words to express how much we appreciate their support. This donation means a significant step forward for all our programmes in Venezuela. We will put it to good use. 


In the last few weeks, we have sent more than 150kg of medical supplies to Venezuela, all arrived safe and sound. We are now adding a UK-only newspaper so that when the receiver opens the box, she or he can take a picture of it.

Our mental health programme is being very successful and we have delivered 2 courses in the Hospital Clinico Universitario. We are in conversations to expand our programme in the next few weeks to other hospitals in Venezuela.


“La Soledad”, directed by the talented Venezuelan filmmaker Jorge Thielen Armand, is a vivid and intimate account of the Venezuelan crisis told through the real life struggle of a young father trying to save his family from the demolition of their home. It’s being screened in several cinemas in England and a percentage of the sales will go to Healing Venezuela. Thank you to the team of La Soledad! We wish you all the success you deserve.

For more info, click on the link:



On August the 5th, at the AFC Wimbledon Stadium,  Liqui-Liqui, a Venezuelan cafe and deli, hosted an event with the talented Venezuelan performer: El Pollo Brito. He was joined by the fabulous percussionist, also a Venezuelan, Ernesto Marichales. In the opening act, an amazing singer and performer: Yasmin Kadi. Despite the terrible news from Venezuela, the event was fun and purposeful. Thank you, Liqui-Liqui! Thank you, Erika Urvina! And thank you to all the volunteers: Cilene, Thamy and Jonas who joined us that night! 


We never stop at Healing Venezuela! Thanks to our volunteers’ energy, we have had a month full of activities. 

On July the 30th, Anibal Miranda, Rosalba Olivier and Justin Ryan participated in the “Pru Ride London 100”, riding 100 miles to raise funds for Healing Venezuela. Thank you so much, Anibal, Rosalba and Justin!

On July 21st, our lovely friends from Cambridge took part in the Cambridge Night Market selling cakes for Venezuela. Thank you, guys!

Also on July the 21st in Kent, the Colombian harpist Diego La Verde Rojas and Jazz performer Eamon Foreman played at an event organised by Soraya Viloria Montes de Oca to raise funds for the Ramsgate Festival and Healing Venezuela. Thank you, Soraya!




More people joining in!

Things are moving so fast at Healing Venezuela that it´s hard to keep up!

On July the 9th, the amazing people from The Art of Living celebrated Guru Purnima, a celebration of gratitude, and they collected goods for children in Venezuela. Thank you, AOL! 

On the 15th of July, Mariella Diaz, Ivette Landino and Angisaid Hernández held a successful Zumba lesson in Haywards Heath to raise funds for Healing Venezuela.

On the 16th of July, Iria Luz Suárez and The Salsa Family had a super-fun party and dance lessons in Reading!

Thank you so much, Mariella, Ivette, Angisaid, Iria and The Salsa Family!



Thank you letter

Despite the difficulties, so far our shipments have all arrived at their destinations. We use reliable and serious couriers who know how to navigate the intricacies of the Venezuelan customs.

This is a thank you letter from the hospital JM de los Rios acknowledging the arrival of the boxes. 


New Trustees

We are delighted to announce that two high calibre Trustees have joined the Board of Healing Venezuela: Militza Ortiz and Gabriela Mendoza.

Militza was born in Venezuela and had a successful international career in companies such as Unilever, Ss Johnson and IPSOS. In the philanthropic sector, she has worked with UNICEF and ILO (International Labour Organisation). While living in Peru, Militza volunteered in an NGO that helped street children. She retrained as a Silver and Goldsmith and runs her own jewellery business.

Gabriela was born in Venezuela and currently lives in London. She graduated in Journalism and Law at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas. She was a Board Member of ACO, S.A., a large conglomerate of Venezuelan companies, and Seguros Caracas, an insurance company. Gabriela’s philanthropic experience includes working as a Secretary for a British charity focussed on children’s education in Venezuela as well as collaborating with the British Red Cross International Fundraising Committee

Welcome, Militza and Gabriela! With your support, Healing Venezuela’s future is brighter. 


On the 24th of June, Healing Venezuela joined efforts with Proyecto Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela, to organise an amazing San Juan party in the best Venezuelan tradition in Wimbledon. The party was sponsored by Liqui-Liqui, VipCam and RetroCaracas thank you all for your support!

On the same day, another party was held in Cambridgeshire organised by Luisa Curbleo also to raise funds for Venezuela. 

On the 28th of June,  Venezolanos en Cambridge (VeneCamTodo)  organised a tea break at the David Attenborough building in Cambridge to raise funds for Todo por mil sonrisas, a Venezuelan NGO, and Healing Venezuela.

On July the 1st, VeneCam,  was at the Histon & Impington village feast with “Cakes for Venezuela”.

Four events in one week show the generosity of the Venezuelan people. Even when our hearts are heavy because of the terrible suffering going on in our country, you will always get a bright smile and a willingness to have fun from a Venezuelan, as these pictures show.

Thank you so much, to all the wonderful Venezuelans who joined efforts to make of these events a great success and to the Brits who participated!


June 6th: Dinner at The EconomistIn Healing Venezuela we believe that it’s important to work with charities and charitable

At Healing Venezuela we believe it’s important to work with other charities and charitable organisations that support the country. Rupert Pennant-Rea, Chairman of The Economist and Healing Venezuela, hosted an event at the iconic Economist Plaza for a delightful group in support of Chamos, another Venezuelan charity. 



June 5th: Marilena’s Global Limits Bhutan – The Last Secret page

Some 50 persons from 22 countries decided to leave their comfort zone and signed up for Goballimits’ Bhutan – The Last Secret 5th edition – a multi-stage race in a little-known country, Bhutan.  They experienced this amazing country by way of running through 200km through it.  They saw stupas after stupas, ran with cows and mules,  tackled many endless ascends, ran in rain/mud, had Bhutanese hot stone baths, ate lots of chilly cheese (Bhutan style), laughed together in the evenings, shared a beer at night (or day), and they finally reached the  most spectacular finishing line at the renowned Tiger’s Nest Monastery with happy smiling faces.  

A wonderful British-Venezuelan woman, Marilena Segnini Wilkinson, raised the staggering amount of £3,818.00! 

Thank you, so much Marilena! You rock!

May 19th: An amazing Zumbaton! 

Thanks to the organisers: Militza Ortiz, Ivette Landino, Jose Ramon Betancourt and Angiesaid Hernandez, an amazing £2000 were raised in this super-fun Zumbaton! A big, big thank you to those who donated so generously! 

May 10th: Thank you letter from the children’s hospital JM de los Rios. 

“Dear Healing Venezuela,
First of all, receive our warmest greetings from the Board of Directors of the Patronato JM de los Rios Foundation, a non-profit charity with 45 years of service to children’s hospital. The JM de los Rios is an organization with more than 50 years of service to improve the surgical medical assistance of children and adolescents who come from all over the country. The patients we look after, come from families in conditions of extreme poverty, others are sent by orphanages or other institutions who look after abandoned children. We want to express on behalf of our young patients and their representatives the immense gratitude we feel for the support provided. People like you are the ones who give us the strength to continue fighting for these children who need so much help and who will be the future of our country. Thanking you again for your support, we are of your disposition for future donations that contribute to the quality of the hospital care. We take the opportunity to subscribe to your grateful orders,


Board of Directors 

Dr. Berenice del Nogal

May 7th: Most of the medical supplies that we send to Venezuela are donated by hospital and surgeries in the UK. At the moment, we are collecting any unwanted but usable item that medical centres would dispose of otherwise. We have a network of 4 surgeries and 2 hospitals in the Greater London area and in Oxfordshire that provide very useful material.  This past week, six boxes of medical supplies were donated by the Witney Health Centre! Thank you so much for your generosity!

May 5th: These past few weeks have been very hard in Venezuela. Civil unrest across the country has caused delays in the delivery of medical supplies and food. Some containers have been confiscated by the National Guard. Luckily, our latest shipment arrived safe and sound to the children’s hospital  in Caracas, JM de los Rios. Thank you to our generous donors for making this possible!

April 20th: Through the children’s hospital JM de los Rios efficient network, Healing Venezuela’s medical supplies have arrived to the rural village Sabana Grande in Lara state.  

April 18th: Thanks to the generosity of José Gonzalo Bizquerra Mora and other donors, we could send two boxes of medical supplies and baby formula to Venezuela! 

April 15th: Healing Venezuela going strong! Greens, an independent pharmacy in Ebury Bridge Road, is collecting money for Healing Venezuela. A big thank you for choosing our charity!

April 10th: More people joining in! A big thank you to the lovely people at the Grosvenor Waterside Spa for collecting money for Healing Venezuela.

April 6th: First full charity box! Thank you to The Locals, a wonderful restaurant in Gatliff road, and its owners and staff for their kindness. Soon we will be having an event to taste their delicious cakes and coffees. Stay tuned!

March 30th: Thank you letter from the J.M de los Rios, the main children’s hospital in Caracas

Dear Healing Venezuela,

First of all, warmest greetings from the Directive Council of the charity Patronato del JM de los Rios, a non-profit institution with more than 50 years working  to improve children and adolescents’ medical-surgical assistance from all corners of Venezuela. Our patients come from families who live in extreme poverty; others are sent by orphanages or other institutions devoted to children’s welfare. On behalf of our young patients, the Board of Directors of the charity Patronato JM de los Ríos wants to express our most sincere gratitude, and we are grateful to any future contributions to improve the quality of the children’s hospital.  Feel free to get in touch with us any time.


Dr Berenice del Nogal


March 22nd: First contingent of medical supplies sent in 2017

On March the 22nd, the first shipment of medical supplies arrived to the children’s hospital in Venezuela: J.M. de los Rios.  Our volunteers make the inventory so that our people on the ground can check if the boxes have been opened. So far, our shipments have arrived safe and sound. Items were donated by surgeries both in Oxfordshire and London and private donors in UK and Italy. Thank you ! Our expectations is to raise enough funds to send medical supplies on a quarterly basis. You can help us achieve our goal!